Monday Adventures

Dawn got here about 9am and we quickly put together 7 letterboxes. All of us (that would be Dawn, Travis, Cameron and myself) headed out to hide the boxes, but not before doing a coffee stop at Starbucks for Dawn and a cigarette stop at the gas station for Travis. Cameron and I had our drinks and we were ready to go. We managed to hide 7 boxes in 7 parks across Montgomery in less than 3 hours. And we did it with just 2 injuries and one minor potty accident (which was mom's fault). I was injured early on by a very large and apparently angry thorn leaving my finger red and swollen this morning and very sore to the touch. Dawns injury was a little more traumatic with a whapping (she literally made a whap sound) fall down some steps to the concrete. I imagine she has some sore areas today as well. Cameron had to potty at the last stop and lets just say she had her first intimate meeting with nature. As a result of mom helping, she got a little wet. Oops.

All that was left now was to log the boxes and post the clues online, but we needed to recharge first. We did a quick stop by the house to change the little one and then headed for a bite to eat at Chappys. Then back to the house to do what turned out to be the hard part - writing the clues. We got it all done though and Dawn headed home at 3:00. She was supposed to stop and get groceries. I wonder if she made it???? :o)

I probably should have went to get some groceries as well, but I opted to go to hobby lobby and do some shopping instead. LOL Since there was no food in the house I picked up pizza on the way home and Cameron and I ended the night passing out in my bed while watching a movie.


Dawn said...

I had a great time yesterday!

No major sore spots today just a little bruising from "whapping" on the concrete - LOL

And yes I did stop by the grocery store but not real sure if I got enough to eat all week - I went through the isles pretty fast.

We should make Elisabeth and Michelle go find the boxes now!