Today's Idiot Award Goes To.......


I signed up for a time slot nearly a month ago for parent teacher conference. I have it on my calendar, there has been a note on the door at school about the kids being off that day and I have a note confirming the day and time. For some reason all that was not enough to get me there on the right day.

I walked in to the school just before 8:30 (my appointment time) and was a little confused by all the kids in the class. One of the teachers asked where Cameron was and I was like "isn't it conference day?" Sure it would be conference day, if today was THURSDAY! I felt like the biggest boob. I just don't know how I messed this one up.

She does have a school project to do at home so we will work on that today. I hope this is not an indication of how the rest of the day is going to go.


Dawn said...

my turn - :snicker:

Hope your day gets better!