Whoa! Slow It Down Please

I have been overwhelmed lately at how fast Cameron is growing up. She has always been pretty independent, but now it seems like she doesn't need me for anything. Yesterday morning she was still sleeping when I got up so I went in the bathroom to get ready. When I came out she was awake and had fully dressed herself from shirt to shoes. I knew she could dress herself, but it usually takes some prompting and a little guidance. She has done this task on her own now for the past 2 mornings.

She had a banana for lunch the other day and cut the banana into slices all on her own. At school they pour their own drinks at snack time and she has been wanting to do that at home. I bought her a little pitcher yesterday to hold some milk and she had no problem pouring milk on her cereal. I will be getting her another one today for her juice.

She has been insisting on unbuckling herself from the car seat and getting out of the car on her own, opening and closing the doors herself.

I am getting rid of all of her wooden puzzles that I just bought a few months ago because they are too easy for her. Now she is putting together regular puzzles with 75-100 pieces with very little help.

She does the whole tooth brushing process on her own now, and doesn't want to take bubble baths anymore. She strictly takes showers and does it all on her own with just a little help getting the shampoo out of her hair.

And now, I am having to buy her clothes from the 'big girl' section. She is out of that "T" size and into regular number sizes. I was so lost shopping for her a few weeks ago. Ugh! It is so depressing. I know she is growing up and we have always encouraged her to do things for herself, but I am really missing my 'baby' right now. It's just all going to fast right now.

*sigh* That's just life, I know. It just sucks sometimes.


Elisabeth said...

Awwwwwwwwww......sniff sniff. I'll be in that boat really soon too and I'm not looking forward to it.