Learning A New Craft

I bought a lovely sewing machine right after Christmas. I wanted it so I could sew on scrapbook layouts and eventually learn how to use it for actual sewing projects. Until now it has just been a nice statue on my scrapbook table. I figured it was time to use it for something, so I went to Wally World this morning for some Halloween print fabric and then to Hancock fabrics for orange and black grossgrain ribbon. FYI Hancock is crazy. I paid 2.00 a yard for fabric at Wal -Mart that Hancock was selling for 4.99 and up. Anyway, I came home this morning and made this

Very simple to make, I know but I am proud of it! Hell, I am proud of the fact that I was able to figure out how to thread the needle. I haven't used a sewing machine since 8th grade home economics class. It's a little trick or treat bag and I am going to make them for the kids in Cameron's class for Halloween.


Dawn said...

That is great, easy or not I couldn't make it. I bought a sewing machine last year and I think I have used it twice, once to sew DH back pack back 2gether and once to practice sewing cards. I really need to get my butt in gear and learn this thing. I want to take classes but every class I find wants you to bring your own machine - I am not carrying that thing around. Anyway - great job!