Treasure Hunt

My friends reminded me Friday that I never posted about the treasure hunt I went on! The treasure hunt is part of a nation wide 'game'. It involves carving your own rubber stamps and hiding and/or finding secret boxes. There is a name for this fun and artistic treasure hunting game, but I am going to leave it to you to find that information out. *evil grin* You can email me if you need the answer.

Anyhow, this is how it basically works. You preferably hand carve your own signature rubber stamp. Then go online to one of the sites (there are 2 that seem to be the main ones) and look for boxes hidden in your area (or in a city you might be visiting or passing through). Read the clues for each box and head off to search with your log journal, stamp pad, pen and signature stamp in hand. Follow the directions on the clue and they will lead you to a secret hiding place where you will find a box. In the box will be a stamp and a log book. Stamp your signature stamp in that log book and date it and then use the stamp in the box to stamp in your personal log book. Hide the box back exactly as you found it. After finding or attempting to find a box, go back to the websites and record that it was found.

I know that's a rough sketch, but you can get more information once you locate the web sites. Again, you can email for the URL's.

DH and I found one down town and it was really exciting for me. There are several more boxes to be found in the Prattville and Millbrook areas. There are ones located at a park, a confederate memorial, an 18th century outpost, a bamboo park, a football field, and a few more places. I am hoping to get the girls together one afternoon and do a little treasure hunting.

There are also virtual hunts you can do online as well as hunts through us mail. Again, you can find all this on the websites. :o)


Elisabeth said...

Sounds like fun! I'm in!

Dawn said...

Sherlock Holmes is ready!