Melt My Heart

Cameron had her first dance class today, it was sheer cuteness. 10 little girls in pink leotards and pink bows in their hair doing tap and ballet. It was great. I was a little tense going in assuming the worst (as I usually do). I worried she wouldn't go in the dance room and would stay stuck to my leg and not want to talk or look at anyone. This is what she did last month when we went to get fitted for her dance shoes. I worried for nothing. She was more then ready to go in and get started. There is a window for the parents to watch and every once in a while she would make sure I was still watching and wave. She did everything the teacher showed them to do and listen real well to directions. She got a little weepy a few times and hung her head, but she didn't come running out the door to me. She stayed on her square and kept going - just with a pout and a tear or two. That's her frustration coming out though. She only did this when she was trying to do just what the teacher was doing. If her leg doesn't move exactly like the teachers then she get upset. This is common reaction in her. She thinks she has to do everything right the very first time she does it. I was so proud of her though that she didn't give up.

I was also very pleased with the teacher. After the gymnastic issue 2 years ago I was a little worried about running into the same thing with the dance (teacher not having a clue how to work with young kids). Totally opposite situation. The girl knew exactly how to work a preschool class.

I didn't take my camera with me because I wanted to just focus on her getting through the class, but I did take some pictures of her in her tap shoes at home.


Dawn said...

Pictures are too precious! That is great she did so well.