It's Sickening

A few weeks ago a lady found a dead newborn baby in a toilet tank at a local gas station. Reports later showed the baby was born alive. The bitch who gave birth to that baby and then stuffed it in a toilet tank is a sick twisted animal. If they catch this sicko they better lock her ass up. I don't want to hear any Andrea Yates "I'm psychotic" bullshit. Of course she was psychotic, she killed her 5 children one right after the other by filling up a bathtub and drowning them. So what if she was not in a good mental state. She still killed innocent children who could not defend themselves. She made them the suffer by drowning them. She should be hung by that greasy stringy hair of hers and have her toe nails ripped out.

Okay, back to the current nut job. She stuffed a baby in a toilet tank for christ sake. What kind of person does that? Why couldn't she have just left the baby on the floor and walked out if she didn't want it? I am praying that this woman was just not aware of the Alabama Infant Safe Haven Law (she could have left the baby at a hospital or fire station with no questions asked). I wish there was more 'advertising' for the safe haven law. I don't think many people are aware of it and that's a shame. The majority (if not all) the women who 'dump' their babies some where never get any prenatal care or any consulting, nothing. So if the information isn't put out there for the general public, then it isn't doing much help.

It's just a sad world we live in that people have it in them to dump and kill their own babies.

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