I Need To Catch Up

Ever since I got back from Michigan I feel like I have gotten so far behind on things. DH has been off work the last couple of weeks and we have been doing stuff so I just haven't gotten a chance to settle back into my usual routine. I need to get on it though so I am making a list.

Balance Check Book (Check)
Close one bank account (Check)
Pay the second half of September bills (Check)
Do a toy clean out while cleaning Cam's room
Clean up scrap room
Clean carpets
Start work on Halloween bags for Cam's class
Reply to emails (Check)
Contact some people through email (Check)
Get postcard stamps and drop thank yous in the mail (Check and Check)
Read my usual blogs (Check)
Comment on blogs (Check)
Update my blog (Check)
Update Camerons blog
Buy Cameron some new socks (Check)
Pick up Cameron's dance shoes before class on Thursday
Do some shopping for myself :o)
Call in and pick up Rx's (Check)
Oh yeah, and fold laundry Blah!