Holy Mother Of God That Was Bad

Cameron had her 4 year check up today and it was rough. She has not seen a Dr. since she fractured her leg in May of 2004. (That's right, no 2 or 3 year well baby check up.) She started crying as soon as saw we were heading into a small room. The nurse did nothing but weight, height, BP and temp. Oh and played 50 questions with mom and dad - geesh! I m so glad Travis was with me because the nurse was not comforting at all. We went down the hall to do an eye test with an eye chart. Cameron was not having it. The nurse was doing nothing to convince her it was okay and seemed a bit irritated. Oh well. No eye test today.

Back down the hall to an examine room, clothes come off and cheesy paper gown needs to be on. After struggling to get her clothes off we waited nearly 15 minutes for the Doc to come in. Meanwhile Cameron is sobbing to the point she can not catch her breath to talk and is pleading to get down from the table and put her clothes back on. She finally settled down for a few seconds and in walks the only MALE Doc in the practice (this is another issue in itself that I will skip over for now). Of course she goes ballistic. Thankfully the Doc knew how to get the job done while a 4 year old is grasping on to their mother for dear life.

I get her off the table and hold her in a chair while the Doc talks to us. She quickly stopped crying when I gave her a treat. All was calm and smiles while waiting for the nurse to come in for the shots. The poor thing had no idea what was coming while she played with daddy in her oversized gown. As soon as the nurses came in we were at defcon meltdown 1. Other than screaming because I had to hold her down, she did just fine with the TB skin test on her arm. The four long ass needles going into her thighs while a nurse was on the table holding down her legs didn't go as smooth. I know at that age they need to be well restrained so they don't fight the nurse and get hurt with the needle, but it just seems like such torture. Thankfully it is over in a matter of seconds.

She was good as pie once we were able to get her dressed. She was treated to an ice cream sundae from Sonic afterwards. Crying over the shots is expected, but we had no idea she would break down like that just from being in the Dr's office. She was just a wreck.

We do have to go back on Thursday to have her TB test checked, but we have already explained to her that they just have to look at the "boo-boo". She won't have to take her clothes off or be weighed or any of that. She seems to understand. Lets hope she is alright with going back come Thursday.

H- 41.5 inches
W- 40 pounds
Healthy as can be


Dawn said...

Oh dear! That is terrible. I got teary eyed just hearing she had to go through that. sending lots of hugs her way.