Camerons Birthday

The cake I made for Cameron's birthday on Saturday. It's a cupcake cake made with confetti cake mix and vanilla frosting. I think it came out pretty cute.

She opened her gift from us in the morning. It's a pink and purple Vsmile game system for little ones. And we bought 2 games for it. After watching her play it I can say it was a great buy! It's educational and challenging, but NOT impossible to maneuver through the games.

After trying out the new toy we went to lunch at Shoney's, then downtown to look at the train while Mommy was 'treasure hunting' (I'll post about that later). We visited the in laws for a while and then for dinner with them at O'Charleys. It was a pretty full day.

Cameron had a birthday celebration at school today. The school frowns upon sweet stuff so no cupcakes for the kiddos. Instead I put foam door hangers and underwater self adhesive foam shapes in a clear bag and put a topper on it with each child's name. Sorry for the bad lighting job.


Dawn said...

great job on the cake!