Happy Birthday

My Dearest Cameron,

You turned four years old today. It's true what they say, "they grow up fast". It's hard to believe that at this time 4 years ago I was holding you in my arms for the first time. Your amazing blue eyes were wide open and it was as though time had stopped. I don't remember any thing or any one around us. You were swaddled tight in a blanket and I wanted very much to unwrap you and see your tiny fingers and toes. I wanted to see this gift that we had waited so long for. There would be plenty of time for that though. At the time I just took in the glorious moment of you, my beautiful daughter, snuggled close to my heart.

You have brought so much joy, peace and love into my life. I can't imagine knowing what happiness was before you entered this world. Looking back on these past four years I can't think of one thing I would have wanted to change about you. I have said it from the moment we brought you home from the hospital, I couldn't have wished for a more perfect child. You are an only child and Daddy and I spoil you, but you have also spoiled us. We have not had to face a lot of challenges of parenthood that many others have. This has made us strong and confident as parents from the beginning and we will hopefully continue on that smooth path for years to come.

Every day you bring a smile to my face. You continue to amaze me with everything from your gentle personality to your eagerness to learn and understand everything that goes on around you. Your adjustment to being away from me part of the day to attend preschool this year has been wonderful. I feared you would have a hard time being away from me, when in reality it was more my fear of being away from you. Your love for school, readiness to learn and excitement to build friendships has brought me such a piece of mind.

Every parent has wishes, hopes and dreams for their children, but they should never be as important as what your own wishes, hopes and dreams are. I have no worries or doubts that you will grow up to be anything less than happy, confident and successful. Because everyday we will continue to tell you how much we love you, how proud we are of you, and how beautiful of a person you are inside and out.

Happy 4th Birthday to my precious gift from God.