Confirmed! And Picture Warning

I just booked the airline tickets for Cam and I to Michigan in August. Whaoo!! I have been watching prices for a couple of months now and today they dropped a little over $100.00 in price so I jumped on it and booked the tickets. On an even happier note, we will be flying non stop instead of having an hour layover in Atlanta or Memphis. That will cut the travel time by 2+ hours not to mention cutting out the hassle of changing plans. That does mean we will have to fly out of Birmingham which will actually add (almost) those 2 hours back on, but I would much rather be in a car chatting with DH for almost 2 hours then having to do the layover and changing plans blah blah blah.

We will be spending the week camping with them in their new trailer along with my brother, SIL and their 2 kids. I miss going camping so I can't wait. These are some pics my dad sent me of the new trailer.


Elisabeth said...

That ain't camping! LOL

Isn't it amazing how beautiful they can make those?

Have a great trip!