I have been meaning to update for a while and never get around to it and now I have a bunch of stuff I want to update on.

Preschool- Cameron loves school, there is no question about that. I am so glad we decided to start her in the summer so that she was comfortable with going before the school year started and things become a little more structured. Assuming it doesn't cost an arm and leg, we will be enrolling her in dance class through the school for a session and then do music class and perhaps gymnastics depending on what all she wants to do.

As far as the teacher situation goes, there is defiantly a problem with her Mon/Tue/Wed teacher. This week that teacher was not there and the school director Mrs. F filled in and not once did Cameron get teary eyed when I brought her to school those 3 days. And she is never like that with the Thurs/Fri teacher. The good and bad news on that is the Mon/Tue/Wed teacher will probably not be back for the remainder of the summer (that's the good news). The bad news is her son was in a bad car accident last week and passed away this past Tuesday. So her family is in our prayers.

There are 4 weeks left of the summer program and then the regular school year starts and she will have regular teachers who she will hopefully like.

Bowling- I joined a Wednesday night league with my friends Dawn and Michelle and Michelle's SIL Tracy. We were suppose to be a team of 4, but lack of enrollment put us in teams of 2. So it is Dawn and I (Time 2 Spare) and Michelle and Tracy (Gutter Girls). Last night was our second night and it's been a lot of fun. We got a print out last night with all these numbers and terms on it that I have no idea how to read. None of it really matters because this is just for fun, but I would like to learn how to read it and know what it all means. I am going to do some searching online today to see if I can figure out what it all means.

Scrapbooking- Can you believe I did 5 pages this week on my own? Whoo Hoo! Those are the first layouts I have done since January. I have been keeping a deadline of finishing the years pictures of Cameron before each birthday. I have a little more than 2 months to catch up on all these layouts I have been putting off so I need to get busy. I have been spending a lot of time making cards so I have been productive, but I need to get back to layouts.

I spoke to a lady over the weekend about teaching Scrapbook classes. I have to wait until next week to fill out some paper work on that and then hopefully I will soon be getting paid to scrapbook. How cool is that?

The Stampin Up! hostess club ended this month and on Friday I will be attending one last event with some friends where will be making some cards from our demos left over project stock. And then Monday night I will be at a crop where I hope to get at least 6 layouts done (but I am going to plan for 10).

So there's a couple of updates and I plan to write some more later on specific topics.


Elisabeth said...

Now THAT's an update! LOL

Glad the "mean" teacher isn't going to be there anymore for Cameron's sake....but those are tragic circumstances. Good thing Cameron likes preschool.

Bring your sheet with you Friday and I can probably tell you what is means. I was on 3 leagues at one time in Savannah so I got pretty used to reading those sheets! LOL Sounds like you gals are having fun at any rate. And that's what it's all about.

That would be awesome to get paid for what you love to do!

See ya Friday and then Monday for some cropping!