Pre- School News

Cameron and I went to the school today that I am putting her in and registered for the summer session. The summer is scheduled by weeks so you sign up for the weeks you want to attend and only pay for those weeks. I haven't been real sure about her going everyday so I decided to sign her up for every other week. I was concerned that doing that might mess her up in the program, but the teacher assured me that it wouldn't. They design their summer curriculum to go week by week because a lot of kids miss weeks for vacation during the summer. So we are going to try this for the summer and if she enjoys it then we will enroll for the fall where she will follow the public school schedule and go every week.

We got a list of some things she will need so we went ahead and picked stuff up at the store. Every since she started talking about going to school she has said she needs a lunch box so she can eat lunch there (she gets all this school info from a blues clues episode). So she will eat lunch there and I will pick her up right after. We need to find a lunch box though. Target and Wal-Mart did not have any kids lunch boxes. I wonder if Toys R Us carries them?? Anyhow, she starts March 30th. I will be making her a calendar so she can count down the days so she knows when she starts. I hope this excitement stays with her when she actually starts school.


Jen said...

They may not have "kid" lunch boxes, but check out the camping supply area and around there in Target... they have the insulated lunch boxes, and she can pick out a color she likes. Then, when Fall gets here, there will be a slew of cartoon character lunch boxes for her to choose from. LOL! Hope she has a ton of fun in preschool!

Elisabeth said...

Awwwwww...that's so great that she is that excited.

When I took Emily to her daycare yesterday that she'll be going to, she got all excited when she saw the other kids. Then I handed her to her "will-be" teacher so I could go fill out some paperwork. Not a peep from her....she could care less that I was gone. LOL