Beating The Summer Blues.

I don't like summer time in Alabama. It is something I dread starting around May 1st of every year. Last year it was so bad it sent me into a depression. I was physically ill at the thought of having to leave my house. It's been almost 10 years, and although I have become more tolerable of it, I still can not fully handle the southern heat and humidity. This year I am determined to not let it get to me as bad. I am putting a plan together right now of things to do during the summer that will have me looking forward to it rather than wanting to hide from it.

Cameron will be in school of course so at least every other week I will need to be up and ready to go by 8am. The weeks she is in school are the weeks I plan to do my main grocery shopping so that I can get it done first thing in the morning after I drop her off. I will probably do this Tuesday mornings as I typically do house cleaning on Monday.

Every Thursday and Friday a local movie theater will be showing kids movies for $1.00. One session in the morning and one in the afternoon. We have not tried the movies with Cameron due to her sensitivity to sound, but we will give this a try. I am thinking about bringing a pair of head phones so that it quiets the sound a little. I really have no way of knowing how it is going to go. So we will try for that and hope to be able to attend the movies once a week- Most likely on Fridays.

Wednesday is dollar day at the bowling alley so there is a good chance we will be doing this every Wednesday. Cameron also has a student pass that gives her one free game everyday for the summer, so we will probably be filling in a lot of days with bowling.

And finally the pool. This has come to be a great spot for us! I bought some arm floaties hoping Cameron would take to being in the water on her own and sure enough she has become a little fish. She gets those little legs going and moves all over the pool. While she is doing that, I try to get a little water aerobics in. Nothing fancy, just some leg work mostly and something is better than nothing. It's also the only way I can spend more than 5 minutes outside at one time with out heat stroke. LOL.

And of course I will be putting my scrap room to good use while Cameron is at school so being productive in a creative way (while in the air conditioning) should be uplifting. And I will do my best to take advantage of the outdoor swing I have come to love so much. I will spend some time in the shade on the swing getting some reading done.

Sounds like a great plan to me. Let's just hope it works! I don't want to go through another summer like last year where I just wanted to pull the covers over my head until fall. :o)


Elisabeth said...

Sounds like an awesome plan!!

Dawn said...

I think keeping a plan like you have will make the summer go by pretty fast. Stay close to the pool and enjoy it!