The Weekend

Late Friday our realtor called to say he received the report from the inspection. Hubby was on his way to his parents so he stopped in and picked it up. It wasn't too much stuff. The buyer highlighted what she wanted taken care of. Travis is going to fix just about all of them except a couple really big things like the master bedroom stairs going outside have sunk really bad so there is a big first step down. It was like that before we moved in and the only way to really fix it is to break up the steps and repair them. Not going to happen. So he will spend about a day or 2 doing the fixes. Most of it is electrical stuff. Thank God he is a handy man and can do all the repairs on his own. We are in a hurry to get it done because I still want to close next Friday.

Cameron and hubby took the doggie bones and pupcakes over to the inlaws for their 2 dogs. Cameron said they liked them, and Kasper seems to like them too so I think we did good. We might try a couple more recipes for treats.

While he and Cameron visited with the in laws, I went shopping for Easter goodies. I was on a mission to find a chocolate chicken or a chocolate duck. I had no idea how many different kinds of chocolate bunnies they put out at Easter. I also saw chocolate eggs, bears, sponge bobs and lambs but no luck with a chicken or duck. Cameron thinks the Easter Bunny will bring her one or the other because he brought one to Max and Ruby. After going to 4 stores I figured I wasn't going to find one, so I settled on a chocolate baby bunny. I picked up stuff for my niece and nephew as well. I just need to find a 'basket' to put my nephews things in. I will have to get the creative juices flowing to see what I can come up with. I don't want a plain Easter basket. I want something he can use after Easter. And I am going to get a couple little toys for Camerons basket.

Today I have done absolutely nothing and plan to do the same tomorrow. Well, I am going to work on a couple craft projects for Easter but that's it. I use to hate the weekends because I felt like I had to do the house up keep like I do during the week while hubby enjoyed his weekend off work. I have finally been able to accept the idea that it's okay for me to have a weekend as well. I still have to care for the kid, the dog, and the cat but the rest of my duties can wait until Monday. I didn't even make the bed this morning which is very rare for me. So I have just been watching TV, playing on the computer and flipping through some magazines. Cameron has kept herself pretty entertained with the kitty. Hubby has kept himself entertained with his new truck outside doing God only knows what to it. Probably adding more speakers. I am not cooking tonight either so we will have a catered dinner courtesy of Applebees curbside pick up or some place like that.

I have about 80 more pages left to read in my current book and I am going to try and finish that up in the next couple days. I am hoping it will help keep my mind of the sale of the house. We haven't reported back to the buyer on what we are going to fix so I don't know how our choices are going to affect the sale. I am not going to be happy until I have the check in my hand and I am praying we will have it buy the 14th at the latest. I have everything picked out and planned out for my scrap room. I am just waiting for the money to come in.

So that's basically the weekend unless something unexpected happens tomorrow. Doing nothing works for me.


Elisabeth said...

So lucky he's a handman. We were able to fix most of the things they requested on our house, like replacing the doorstoppers! LOL

Congrats on getting your own scrap room! So exciting!