Glorious Day

Wow, what an awesome day it has been. Nothing special has happened, it's just beautiful outside. The sun is bright, small breeze, in the 70's. Oh how I wish we had these kind of days in the summer rather then it being so hot and humid you can hardly breath.
We spent the entire day outside sucking up the pretty that is spring. Travis worked in the backyard on his truck and I spent the morning painting flower pots for an Easter craft project, then I finished up my book. Cameron did some painting too in her water color books. We took her tricycle up to the gas station to put some air in the tires. She has had her bath and I am going to fix some dinner. I have a feeling she will pass out before 8:00 tonight.
Tomorrow morning we are going to get an early start and head to Target for a couple things and then in and out at the craft store so we can get back home and spend a good part of the morning outside again. I need to do some more painting. After lunch I will need to do the house work that didn't get done over the weekend.Then I think hubby is going over to work on the other house after work and we will probably go over there with him to keep him company (and to make sure he stays on task).
I plan to get into the attic this week too and get some of the junk cleaned out of it. I originally had planned to do that yesterday, but we had a threat of storms in the morning and I didn't want to get started up there and have to quit. Then of course I got comfortable doing nothing and we not got any storms so it just didn't get done. It will though.


Elisabeth said...

I love our springs....but the summers are awful!

Emily and I will be heading to Target really soon. Need to pick up an anniversary card, a new blouse and some sippy cups for Emily.

Dawn said...

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

Awesome weather enjoy it before it gets to hot!