I came across a book of some poems I had written in junior high and wanted to share. This is one I vividly remember writing.

Live Undead

Where do you go
After you die
While your family mourns
And your friends cry.

Do you wonder the earth
In search of eternal peace
or is there rebirth
And another life you shall lead.

Is there such a place
As heaven or hell
To God or Satan
Your soul you sell.

Do you fly on wings of gold
High above in the sky
Or does your soul feel sorrow and remorse
For your sins and your lies.

Will you hear laughter and rejoice
Or angered souls cries
Which will result
Of your uncanny demise.

So plan carefully
The life which you lead
For you never know
When you shall pay for your deeds.

Because when the day of reckoning arrives
When it's time to pay the toll
Be prepared for a large price
Be prepared to pay with your soul.


Dawn said...

I have a few that I had written while in school as well and when I look at them now I wonder "who" and "what" my inspiration was at the time.

Also, When my mom died and we were cleaning out her stuff we came across a poem she had written about her grandchildren.