Pleasant Sunday

Yesterday was a bit chilly (although I welcome the cool weather), but it was sunny and just an overall pretty day. We headed to McDonald's for lunch, but Hubby suggested Stevie B's pizza as we were passing it. All you can eat pizza instead of a chicken salad sounded like a bad idea for me, but Cam had been asking to go there lately so we turned around and had pizza. It was soooo yummy! I didn't over do it though and I didn't allow myself to dwell on the fact that I probably ate my days worth of calories in that one sitting. It worked out though because lunch is all I ate for the day except my 100 calorie night time snack. So I am fine with it. It's okay. And yes, typing this is for my benefit. A reminder that it really was okay to eat what I did and I am not just telling myself that. It really was okay.

*end self therapy session*

So Cameron enjoyed her pizza and played some games with Daddy which won her a 'golden ticket'. And she was happy with her rings and squishy jellyfish she got out of the quarter machines. Then we headed downtown to the park. We had gone to the park before on a Sunday so we were surprised to get there and see all the gates locked. Either someone forgot to open it yesterday or someone forgot to lock it the last time we were there on a Sunday. No big deal, we headed to Vaughn Park instead. When they redid that park a few years ago I loved it! I thought it was just awesome what they put in for the kids to play with. Now that I have been downtown, I don't like it as much. The downtown park is definitely more fun. Cameron still had a great time so that's all the matters. We stopped by a few stores on the way home and then called it a day.

I decided to watch the entire Superbowl this year instead flipping it on in the last quarter. The Steelers played (which is a family favored teamed) and they were playing in Detroit (where I am from) so I watched the whole game, which was really good. And of course the Steelers won it. The Superbowl was followed by a really good Greys Anatomy, although they left you hanging for next weeks show. I hate that, but I know when next Sunday comes I'll be glad to know the show will be another really good one.

So that was our Sunday. Today I am going to clean up the house and do some laundry. Doesn't that sound like fun? Hubby did some cleaning up Saturday night, so it's not lot I have to do. Vacuuming and dusting is the biggest thing that needs to be done. Saturday I played around with my stamps and a new coloring technique I learned called Magic Colored Pencil. Playing with the stamps kind of spark a mood for making cards so I might do that later this afternoon.

Well, time for some fruit and yogurt.