Happy Halloween!

I took Cameron to my brother and Sis in laws house to trick or treat. I walked the neighborhood with her and my niece while my parents and bro/sil passed out candy. There were soooooo many kids!! I know, "Well duh!" you say, but again, this is new to us as well. Cameron went house to house ToT'ing once when she was 4 with a little friend of hers. Someone had opened the door with a scary clown mask on and it ended the fun for Cameron. Every year after that when I have tried to take her, she is too afraid to go to the door. So, we went to church festivals on Halloween instead, where scary costumes weren't allowed.

So even though the festivals had lots of kids in attendance, it was nothing like the cluster of kids we saw tonight! I loved seeing all the kids in their costumes. And Cameron was with her cousin and I think that made her feel safe so she didn't have a bit of problem TorT'ing this year.

Cameron also attended her first Halloween party (at my bro/sil house) last night. She has been having so much fun here in Michigan! We usually have one night of Halloween for a couple hours, but here she has had 4 Halloween celebrations. She loves it!