Third Grade, Here I Come

Cameron receiving an award at school for for masking A/B honor roll for the whole year.

She should have received one fior perfect attendance because she did not miss a single day of school this year. However, she was checked in at 9:00am one morning because I had taken her to the Dr. for a bladder infection. Even though it was a medical excuse, they consider it a tardy and for that reason she did not receive a perfect attendance award. Ain't that some crap?! She was heart broken when they did not call her name and I had to explain it to her. I did not think it was fair at all. I thought perfect attendance ment the school district has you counted as present for all 180 school days (which she was), but the school states no tardies in order to get the award. So much for her ever caring about that award again.

On a better note, she was excepted into the Gifted program for 3rd grade after passing a serious of evaluations. Wahoo!