Kasper 1997 - 2010

We had to make the decision to put our doggie to sleep today. About a month ago he started sneezing a lot and really hard. His whole body would shake when he sneezed. At one point the sneezing was causing nose bleeds. We figured it was probably allergies. Then a couple weeks ago we noticed a bump on the side of his nose up close to his eye that started getting bigger by the day. We took him to the vet earlier this week when we noticed something coming through his nostril on the same side as the bump as well has pushing through his top gum line causing it to bleed.

The vet said he was pretty sure it was a tumor and suggested taking him to Auburn to the vet oncology department. We consider our dog a member of the family, but he was almost 14 years old and has been showing a lot of signs of wearing down. The expense of taking him to an oncologist for a CT scan and possible chemo is just too much. We were told to take him home and just watch him for signs of discomfort. We were hoping for another month with him, but 3 days later his gums began to bleed real bad and he couldn't eat, so it was time.

He was a great dog and we will miss him dearly.