Here Comes Santa Claus

For the past 2 years I had wanted to go to this little parade that the local outdoor mall has to welcome Santa and this year I made sure we didn't miss it. Now anytime there is an event in the city it is usually packed to the gills with people. So I figured we would get there about an hour early and could get a good spot. We could have gotten there 5 minutes before it started and had a good spot. I didn't realize just how little this parade was. It was fun and something to do on a Saturday morning non the less.

We saw Spongebob, Elmo, Diego and Dora

One of the local school bands

A giant cookie (from Great American Cookie Company). We were a little bummed that they were throwing little cookie dolls to the crowd and for some reason they thought it was best to throw them all out in the first 20 feet from the start of the parade. About 5 more feet and they would have gotten to us, but we missed out on that one.

And lets not forget about Santa and Mrs. Claus arriving in a limo. WTH???