Happy Halloween

The Halloween costume this year was pretty basic. A Black Cat. You never know if it is going to be 50 or 70 degrees on Halloween so this costume made it easy to plan for both. This year it was quite cool so she wore black pants under a black lacey skirt with a black sweatshirt. Kitty ears headband and a tail attached to the waistband of the skirt. Oh and a little bit of black eye liner on the face to make her complete. Even Kooky Spooky Kitty was dressed in a kitty Halloween costume.

I am always bummed that the schools here do not celebrate Halloween. I remember when I was in school we got to come dressed in our costumes and we would have a little parade and a party. Not down here. When I first moved here and was working in childcare, we were told that pumpkins were about the only "Halloween" item we could use and maybe some spiders. No skeletons, no ghosts (not even of the cute, friendly kind) and certainly no witches. Too much conflict with the old Southern Baptist people down here I suppose.

It is a very common thing for the churches in the area to have 'Fall Festivals' for Halloween. There are costumes (nothing scary allowed), candy, games and prizes and Trunk or Treating, but other than pumpkins, you will not find any other Halloween symbols. These tend to work out best for us because Cameron does not enjoy going house to house to trick or treat. The stress of weather or not someone in a scary mask/costume is going to answer the door is just too much for her. LOL At the festivals we know we are safe because there is nothing scary.

This year we enjoyed 2 festivals. At the first one they had one of those Velcro jumping walls. It was so funny to watch her do this.

And what is a festival without a cookie walk.

Halloween Kitty was obviously the theme this year as she even decorated her pumpkin like a kitty. She hates to touch pumpkin guts so I don't even bother carving a pumpkin anymore. This year we went with a more crafty approach - Foam, pipe cleaner and stick on jewels.