Not Easily Broken

Some background: There is a very popular talk radio show that comes out of Birmingham, Al called Rick & Bubba. I have listened to it for years and it is on from 6-10am weekdays so I listen to it on the way to work and sometimes while I am at work. I just love the show, plain and simple.

Rick has 5 children (1 girl, 4 boys) and speaks about them often and both Rick and Bubba (who has 2 kids) have had there children on the radio with them on several occasions so listeners feel like we really know the families. Rick has nicknames for his kids, the youngest is Cornbread (Bronner). In January of last year, Cornbread drowned in the family pool. He was 2. Frown

The wives of Rick and Bubba, Sherri and Betty, came to Frazer Church in Montgomery to do a free event for women only called Not Easily Broken. It was WONDERFUL! Sherry had spoke of the lose of her son and it was very touching and there are several light and funny spots as well from both of the ladies. You can watch the whole event by clicking the link below if your interested. However if you don't watch the whole thing, please at least go to 35:20 into the video and listen to Sherri talk about the Baby Blue Dragonflies. I was going to type about it, but I think you need to hear Sherri (Ricks wife) tell it herself. There was not a dry eye in the place.

Not Easily Broken

I don't think I can even begin to explain how the hand of God has touched people as a result of this horrible tragedy. I am sure I have posted this before, but I am going to do again in relation to this post. This is the speech Rick did at his sons memorial service. It is in 3 parts and I recommend watching all of it. It's amazing and will leave you wondering how he does it.

A Fathers Heart
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3