Fall Ball - This Should Be Interesting

We started Fall softball and let me first say that I understand this is the off season and we learned really quick last year that Fall Ball is very laid back. It's just sort of a practice time in between the Spring seasons. However, for $65 I still expect there to be some organization.

Last year they decided they were not going to turn the lights on for the Fall Ball, which means games need to start early in order to be done by the time it got dark. It's pretty hard to get a team together at 5:00 for a game when most parents are just getting off work at that time. And games are not scheduled on Saturday in the Fall because you know we live Alabama and they eat, sleep and breath College football down here. So no way can you schedule games and practice on Saturday when you have Alabama/Auburn football. That would just be wrong. So because of the time and all, you don't get a big group of kids signing up for the Fall.

*Completing post after season has ended*
There were 2 teams in Cameron's Darling division that practiced together with the same 2 couches and on game day we had some purple girls on the orange team or vice versa depending on which team had the fewest players. We were lucky if 6 on each team showed up. Yeah, a little hard to play a game with 6 on a team. So it started off rocky and wet - lots of rain in the first few weeks so they had limited practice time and rained out games are not rescheduled in the Fall.

Ontop of all that, the 2 coaches were women. We were lucky and got the young girl right out of college who grew up playing many years of softball. I say lucky, because the other coach was a mom of a girl who played in the Sweetie division in the Spring which is T-ball. Nothing against it, my daughter had been there done that too. However T-ball play and Softball play at this ballpark are soooooo different. Coaching 4,5 and younger 6 is nothing at all like couching 7, 8 and 9. Our coach understood that, the other didn't.

The 2 could not decide on times for practice. Our coach was available anytime - the other had certain days. I don't know why they had to practice together. Take your team and practice when you can. Our coach wanted the girls to make the plays, the other wanted the hit ball to go directly to the pitcher which would stop the play. It goes on and on. Cameron had fun, and she got a lot of home runs since she knocks it out to the outfield and there isn't anyone right there to get it due to everyone being in the infield because of the low numbers.

I just which for the money we pay that the girls got more practice in.