Is it March 18th Already??

Christmas Day was very exciting as usual. I don't like messes, but there is something about the aftermath of a floor filled with wrapping paper that just makes me smile. Cam was very excited that Santa brought her a laptop this year. She has asked for one last year, but we told her Santa probably thought she was too young. She was determined this Christmas to go to the mall and ask him personally and to let him know she was old enough this year. Computer

Another exciting gift came in the form of a riddle that Cameron figured out which revealed a trip to Michigan courtesy of Grandma and Poppa. We left bright and early the following morning to fly out of Montgomery for the first time in several years. It will probably be the last time. After boarding the plane for a 6:30 flight, we were taken off the plane an hour later (never left the terminal) for what we were told was going to be a 45 minute maintenance fix. We finally left Montgomery 5 hours after we were scheduled to. This meant finding another connecting flight in Memphis where, believe it or not, we sat on the plane for another hour for maintenance problems. We finally arrive in Detroit 6 hours after we were expected to. NWA made it right though. I called to see if they would change the return flight to a later day since we had lost a good portion of a day because of the delays and they did just that. We actually gained an extra day and a half in Michigan. They also gave us each 25,000 flyer miles. Sooo, it was dark when we got there and Cam really wanted to play in the snow, so out her and my dad went for a snowball fight. Snowball making skills, watch out mom, let it snow.

We were able to celebrate Christmas with my whole family for the first time and it was wonderful! Cam was also awake to celebrate the New Year for the very first time. We celebrated at my bro and sis in laws house with their kids. Cam enjoyed the champagne (sparkling cider) and blowing poppers outside. Happy New Year.

In January we finally redid the bathroom that we consider to be Cam's bathroom. It was the only room in the house that did not get redone when we bought it and it needed it bad. I let Cam pick out the decor and she decided on penguins. Hubby wallpapered and it looks great! I was really excited about it. Bath1, Bath2, Bathrug.

In February we took a weekend trip to Fairhope. My inlaws have a house there on the Bay. It was soooo peaceful and the weather was beautiful. I sat on the back porch overlooking the bay for hours just soaking up the beauty and the quit. I read an entire book while I was there. We have couple friends down there and was able to spend an evening with them. There is an empty lot next to the inlaws and Cam spent some time on the lot looking for treasures. She found 2 crab legs, several shells and even some pinecones.

Also in February for the second year in a row, Montgomery received a dusting of snow. It wasn't much, but it was enough for the little one at 7:30am to want to rush right out into it.

Now we are already in the middle of March and it is spring break! I am taking 4 days off work to spend with Cam. Today was the first day which wasn't real fun. We spent it at the hospital lending support to my mother in law. Hubby's dad had surgery to remove 3 aneurysms from his stomach. It was a 5 hour surgery which is a lot for anyone, especially someone nearing the age of 80. He came through it though and will spend the next day or so in a twilight sleep in ICU. There is a long road ahead, but everyone is breathing much easier now.

Cameron is still doing great in school with all A's in all 6 of her subjects plus an A for conduct on her last report card. She has also mastered her addition math facts which has earned her a trip to the bowling alley with the other kids in her school who have mastered their math facts. She is almost 5 months into the second grade reading program now and is still doing well. She is able to read 110 WPM and is reading great books like Nate The Great for her reading lessons. At home she is enjoying the Junie B Jones series.

We are a couple of weeks into the softball season and she is learning so much! I think she has learned more in the past 2 weeks of practice then she did during all 3 seasons of ball last year. It's very competitive though with her having to do a try out in front of all the couches to be picked for a team. She is again one of 3 of the youngest on the team, but she is doing great. In a year or two she will be at the top of the age bracket for her division and we just need to be patient for that. Because of her practice/game schedule we have put gymnastics on hold again until the season is over. She has 2 days of regular practice and one late night batting practice each week for a month and then the games will start. Most of her games are back to back Friday night and then again Saturday morning/afternoon with 2 or 3 during the week. All of her Friday games and one Tuesday game will not start until 7:20. Kind of late starts for young ones, but we will manage. She loves playing under the big lights!

So that's been the news around here for the past 3 months. I will try to be better about updating.