It's Almost Christmas.....And My Air Is On.

Present I can not believe how fast Christmas is approaching! On Dec 1st I was a little concerned that I had very little ready for Christmas, but reminded myself that it was just the 1st. Here we are on the 11th already, just 2 weeks from the big day. Shocked Before this past Saturday I had only purchased one gift so I needed to get a move on. Hubby and I shopped all day on Saturday and I only have 5 more things to get for family and the gifts I am buying for my 3 best friends. It's nice to be able to set that worry aside. Now I just have to figure out what I am going to make for Cameron's class, the ladys at work and a teachers gift. Oh, and I have to have something sweet for the class Christmas party. I have until next Thursday to get all that done and I haven't even thought about what I am going to do yet. Ponder

Pouty Right now I am having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit being that it is 81 degrees outside right now. The warm weather started on Saturday which really killed the Christmas shopping mood over the weekend. It's really put me in a pissy mood this week I tell you. I have accepted that we don't get snow, but I am having a hard time coming to terms with having to run my air conditioning while trying to enjoy the soft glow of the Christmas tree. Blech!


Dawn said...

I totally agree with you! It's too hot to be in the Christmas spirit.

I have a few more items to buy and of course a few more things to make too :wink:

2 weeks - where did the time go?