A Busy Month

It's been a busy month, lots going on and the next couple of days are going to be the busiest thus far. November started off with me going back to work, to a real 5 day a week job. I haven't had a Monday-Friday job since January 2002. I am LOVING it! I'm an administrative assistant for a company that does wonderful things for children, parents and childcare workers of Alabama. I had to do 2 interviews and I really REALLY wanted this job so I was over joyed when I got the offer. Roll It's part time, 8-1 so I am off in time to pick the little one up from school. It's a small office, the ladies are wonderful, the pay is great (man did I feel rich when I got my first paycheck last week Money ) and how cool is it the I get 3 days off for Thanksgiving, WITH PAY! Can you believe this is the first job I have ever had that gives you paid holidays?! And the best perk of the job, I get to work with my friend Michelle! She is the one who told be about the job opening and I owe her big time for it! Big HugThis job has been good for me (and my family) in so many ways!

Pill BottleAlso this month, Cameron had her 5 year check up (just a couple months late). As suspected, she has asthma and allergies and left with a laundry list of medications she has to take now which includes an inhaler and a breathing treatment. This is her first breathing treatment after her shower. She has been taking her meds with very little fuss.

Saturday we went to the Zoo to see the new baby elephant and baby rhino. The baby elephant was inside with it's Momma who stayed very close to baby so I wasn't able to get a good picture. I did get some pics of the baby rhino though.

House We had some changes at the house this month as well with some new furniture (courtesy of some family members looking to get rid of stuff in preparation for a move) which allowed us to change the setting of the living room for the first time since we moved in over 3 years ago. I am still adjusting to the change, but I do like it.

Christmas Lights We will be putting up the Christmas decorations over the next couple of days which will include our Christmas tree with all new decorations. Gone will be the past 11 years worth of ornaments which consist mostly of various children's characters (Mickey, Pooh Bear, Tweety Bird etc). In it's place will be beautifully colored solid ornaments and ribbon. I wasn't too sure when we were looking for new ornaments at Target last night, but I think it is going to pretty and very fitting to our homes new look. It will also be going in a different place in the house. Changes, changes..... I don't adjust real quick to change, and there is definitely a lot of changes going on. All for the good though.
Shopping SpreeI am waiting for the sale papers to come out on Thursday to see if I will be venturing out on Black Friday or not. It's kind of a tradition in our house for hubby to go get the paper on TG morning and for us to carefully look through them as we watch the Macy's Day parade.
Thanksgiving Dinner Afterwords we will go out for a nice TG dinner at Cracker Barrel and then home to put up the tree.

Lets See A MovieSometime on Friday we will go and see B Movie. It's a treat for us to go to the movies as a family so I am looking forward to it.

Scrapbooking Saturday the ladies are coming over to scrapbook. I am not leaving my house this weekend until my Christmas cards are done!