Birthday Celebrations

Happy birthday to my little girl!!

Friday night we had an early birthday dinner with the in laws at Cameron's choice - Red Robin. It was a bit of a wait, but the food sure was good! They brought Cameron a cute sundae with a balloon tied to it and sang to her. It was funny!

This is the first year we have not had a big birthday party for Cameron. We had a little get together in Michigan, but nothing like we usually have for her. So I tried to make the whole day as special as I could for her today.

She opened her gifts from us in the morning. I bought her the other 2 dolls that go with the Holly Hobby she already had, and a fold up Ariel castle.

Then we went and had pizza and played games at Stevie B's.

Then it was off to Toys R Us to get the royal birthday treatment and spend some birthday money. More Disney Princess and Polly Pocket stuff.

We finished the day off with cake and singing.