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It's been a while since my last blog post. I didn't even get a chance to post Terrific Tutorials on Tuesday. I probably won't be able to post tutorials for the next two Tuesdays either (more about that in a minute) so if I have time Monday I will post enough to make up for the 3 Tuesdays I (am) will miss.

Last week was a little bit of a rough week. Lots of things going on, lots of things swarming in my head. To top off the crazy week, Friday I was prescribed 5 new medications. Not a big deal except that three of them have some icky side effects that I am not enjoying. Another one of them is an antibiotic to treat an apparent infection (indicated by a high WBC) which was discovered while being seen and treated for something completely unrelated. Infection where?? I am not really sure and won't know until my blood and urine cultures come back. Apparently it isn't anything serious since I have to wait it out over the weekend. (shrug) On a silly note, have you had Rx's filled at Target?? I haven't except for a liquid antibiotic for Cameron which was in a nifty little container in and of itself. Anyhow, with these new meds I decided to switch Pharmacy's and go with Target. How funky are these medicine bottles? If you don't already know, the green ring represents "Melissia's Rx's". Each of your family members can choose a color ring that gets put on all the Rx's. I suppose if you have several people in the house taking different meds, this color labeling would be very helpful. Cameron is purple BTW. It's sad when a bottle shape and color is exciting to ones self, isn't it?

So putting last week aside, what have Cameron and I been doing this summer you ask? Okay, you didn't ask but we can pretend you did. Well we have spent a good bit of it at our neighborhood pool (which is lovely by the way). One good thing about living in a neighborhood with scarce children is that no one is hardly ever at the pool. Camerons favorite thing to do in the pool right now is diving down and trying to touch the bottom of the pool. She was spending so much time under the water that I decided to get a one time use underwater camera. She is such a little fish. If it was up to her we would be at the pool everyday, all day.

We (all 3 of us) also took a trip to Birmingham to the McWane Center. It was our first time there and it was even better than I expected. This is a full hands on science museum that has 4 levels of some of the coolest stuff I have seen in a long time. If we did things in Science class like you can do at the McWane center, I would have been a much better science student. I wanted to share this picture that I thought was cool. They have a huge screen that has butterfly's zooming all over the place. When you stand in front of the screen it projects your shadow onto it. If you hold real still some of the butterfly's will land on you. This is Cam's shadow and a butterfly that 'landed' on her hand. They also had another screen with colored rocks that spilled down it. If you hold your hands out so that your shadow is under the falling rocks, the rocks start piling up in your hand like you are catching them. It was really cool and fun to play around with.

The whole place was great, but the big reason for going was to see the Bob The Builder exhibit. Cameron loves Bob The Builder and she was actually the one who saw a commercial for the exhibit and heard them say it was in Birmingham. She knows we are near Birmingham because that is where the airport is that we have been flying in and out of as well as picking my parents up from. So she has been excited for several weeks about going (it's there for the summer). It took about 15 minutes for us to get her into the exhibit area because a dressed up Bob was sitting near the entrance. She knew he was going to be there and up until the moment she saw him she was excited to see him. After she got a glimpse of him she started to panic and refused to go see all the other cool Bob The Builder stuff. We finally got her in and we went straight to the back as far away from Bob as we could get. When she realized he wasn't going to bother her she was all over the Bob exhibits. They had... statues?? Not the word I am looking for, but I am sure you know what I mean.... big statues of all the characters, Bob's workshop where you could play with tools, Wendys flower beds where you could 'plant/pick' flowers and Bob's garden for planting/picking veggies plus all the machines like Lofty, Scoop, Muck, Dizzy and so on. Fun fun stuff.
P.S. The spot on her shirt is a wet spot from playing with various boats in the water to see how the go (sailboat, paddle boat, speed boat).
Cameron starts school in 3 weeks and we will be celebrating the end of summer with a 2 week trip to Michigan to visit my family!!!! I had been trying to plan this summer trip for 2.5 months and things just weren't falling into place. A week ago I gave up trying to make it work because we were getting too close to the end of summer to be able to go. Apparently the powers that be (who or what ever that may be) must have decided that I had finally had enough..... punishment?? suffering?? I don't know what to call it, but I know that whatever is was it has broke me down and now Cameron and I will be on our way to Michigan on Tuesday for two whole weeks!! Best of all, I will be there to celebrate an amazing moment for my dad when he (and my brother) crosses the finish line after completing a 300 mile bike ride for the Make A Wish Foundation. Praise.....something!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.
Note to self - reinstall my smilies to put in posts.


Dawn said...

Looks like Cam has been having a wonderful summer so far!

Sending you lots of hugs! I hope you are okay and enjoy your trip to Michigan! I'm not sure what happened but I am glad it has worked out that you are able to go!

Talk to you soon!