Little Vents To End The Day

It's been a looong day that I am glad is coming to end. It's been a very stressful couple of days and I want to be able to enjoy the weekend so I am closing up the week with some little vents I want to get off my chest and tomorrow I should have no reason not to get out of bed and be in a better mood then I have been.

Phone Shocker To the lady in the movie theater Thursday morning- I realize it was a kids movie and I only paid a dollar to get in, but that doesn't mean it is okay for your phone to ring every 15 minutes, or for you to answer it and spend 5 minutes at a time talking over the noise of the movie for everyone to hear. It's rude, and annoying. The least you could have done it put your phone on vibrate and step outside to talk. You were only sitting 4 rows from the door ya know?!?

Grrr To the man I spoke to on the phone Thursday afternoon from Wachovia Mortgage company- you sir are a jack hole. Do you not realize you are a supervisor in customer service? You should know that speaking to a customer like you spoke to me is totally uncalled for. I did not interrupt you or talk over you like you did to me every time I got more than 4 words out of my mouth. I am sorry that you think the thought of getting my mortgage payment in on time should come before thoughts of caring for my sick child, but that is your opinion and one that you should not be arguing with me. I have dealt with customer service people in the past who have ticked me off, but at least they conducted themselves in a professional manner. I don't know where you get off talking to me the way you did like I am some sort of idiot who is new to the 'adult' world. I felt like I was dealing with a teenager that was talking back to their parent like they knew everything. Your conduct was just off the charts and yes I hung up on you ......right before a "fuck you" came out of my mouth. I will be sending a letter. Mail

Hurry UpTo the lady who told me to call her this morning at 10am, I understand that meetings can come up at work with very short notice, but I doubt you were in that meeting until 1:00. You knew the information you had for me was very important and extremely time sensitive. I left a voicemail telling you what my husband and I were going to have to do. If you aren't going to get back to me until 1:00 the least you could have done was left the information on my voice mail instead of requesting that I call you back (again) for information. I have been playing phone tag with you people for 3 weeks. I am over it. Luckily I was able to get in touch with someone else who was able to give me the information I needed.

Business Woman To the pinched face receptionist at the attorneys office today, just answer the damn phone would ya? What reason do you have to just sit there and listen to the phone ring (making that awful buzzing noise) at least 3 times before you pick it up? As someone who has waited several times in the past couple weeks for you to pick up the phone, and then sit in a lobby and listen to that buzzing ring, Telephone I can tell you it is aggravating as hell. You are sitting there doodling on paper. You have a head set on. All you need to do is press a button. JUST ANSWER IT!

Feeling BlueAnd lastly, to the headache I have had for 2 days- I know why you have been sticking around. Everything is fine for the time being so please go away. I can't wake up in a good mood if you are still lingering around in the morning. Okay? Okay.