I realize this is a shocking and disturbing photo but I think everyone needs to see it. This is baby Kaleb, he is 6 months old. Just over a month ago he was admitted to the PICU unconscious with "bilateral redness, hemorrhaging, and a subdermal hematoma, or bleeding on the brain." This is a result of Shaken Baby Syndrome. What kind of monster could do this to an innocent child? The accused is a licenced home daycare provider who was caring for Kaleb on May 8th when this tragedy occurred.

This is becoming an all too common occurrence and the accused are the people you would least expect- mothers, fathers, grandparents, daycare providers. The people doing this are the people that a baby should have the most trust in. As a mother I personally can not imagine picking up an infant and shaking it so hard that the result is what you see above. NEVER NEVER SHAKE A BABY!

Kaleb's mom has a myspace page where she updates his progress. Kaleb's story has generated a huge response by the internet community with thousands of people across the country praying for Kaleb and showing their support for the Schwade family. A myspace page titled Help Kaleb has also been set up for those wishing to make a donation to the Schwade family to help with medical bills, attorney fee's, and anything else the family may need during this difficult time. Also on the page you will find information on purchasing bracelets, key chains and car magnets to show support for Kaleb and bring awareness to shaken baby syndrome. Proceeds go to the help Kaleb account.
Of course one of the most important things that everyone is able to do is pray.