Entertaining Blog

I happened upon this blog after seeing it being talked about on a few other blogs that I read. I am totally adding a link to it in my bloggies section (will get to it tomorrow). It is some funny shizznit (I've watched Dicky Roberts way too many times this week). Dismay

A fair warning before I post the link- If you are easily offended and/or don't care for naughty language...... then why the hell are you reading this blog?? LoserSorry. If you prefer not to waste your time reading a bunch of silliness with some occasional (okay, A LOT of) name calling thrown in, mixed with some bitchiness, and put downs then Stop Sign DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK. Oh and certainly stay clear of this blog if you are in some weird cult following that bows to some of the well known scrap "Goddesses" Bow Down and/or if you think that 2peas is some amazingly cool place. Loser And just let me say, it is really creepy if you consider yourself to be one of the above mentioned Shock 3 and flat out sick if you consider yourself to be both. Get some help would ya. Annoyed And Disappointed

Current Mood - GigglyScrap Smack Crap has given me some really good (and much needed) laughs over the past couple of days. Bring your sense of humor with you because you won't get past the door man without it.