Super Saturday

Saturday morning I went to Cameron's school to help decorate for the evenings International Food Festival. This is a picture of one of the posters I made. I was introduced to bagels from Panera Bread courtesy of Mrs. Deborah. I think I might need to enjoy some me time at least one morning a week at Panera while I enjoy one of their joyous bagels. I had half of a cinnamon crunch that was delish. I have to reserve it for 1 day a week though because I looked up the points and it is 8 for the cinnamon crunch and that doesn't include the cream cheese which you no doubt have to have.

The International Food Festival was so much fun! There was so much food from all over the world that parents made and brought in. There was also a silent auction for lots of neat stuff for the adults. It was fun watching the adults circling around tables all night trying to out bid each other. The kids bought raffle tickets for various kids items. Each item had it's own ticket bag and you dropped as many tickets into each bag that you wanted. Cameron won a $25.00 certificate for Libby Lu and a mug with certificates for sno biz, a cute cow ice cream scoop, sunglasses, candy and some other little things. The event was a fund raiser for the school and I think it was a great success! If nothing else it was a lot of fun for the parents and the children.