Addicting Snack

I first had these while visiting my parents in February. My parents buy them from Trader Joe's which is not a store we have here in the Montgomery area. I haven't found a place that sells them here so my mom brought be 2 bags when she came for a visit. I have since found that I can buy them super cheap at I am ordering a case of them!! They are so scrumptious!! They are baked peas, but you would swear they were fried. They are super light and have an odd texture and a great taste! You can eat them for a snack or put them on a salad for a crunchy topping. Try them. You will love em!!


JennV said...

They have them here at World Market in Patton Creek. I'm gonna have to try them now!

Melissia said...

OMG, seriously?? I am going to run by ours in the morning and see if they have them!!