It Has Finally Happened

I have used my scrap room to actually scrapbook. I know, it's hard to believe it myself. I have fallen so far behind on layouts because I have been stamping cards and doing other projects and it left me with zero creativity to do a layout. This weekend I promised myself I was going to spend one of the days in my room actually working on a layout. That day was today and I completed not one, but SIX layouts!! And I swear I would have done more if I hadn't run out of photo paper. I don't want to loose my mojo so right after I drop the tinker tot off at school in the morning I am heading straight to Target to get some more paper and straight back home to work on layouts for the morning.

Today I did pages from our trip to Michigan last month. (My scanner cuts off the bottom of the layouts, sorry) Clicking on them should enlarge the image.

(yes I realize my text box was crooked -I fixed it)


Dawn said...

WTG! They all look wonderful!

I think I have forgotten how to do a layout myself!