Bless You Hostess

Look at THIS! A 3 pack of mini Hostess cupcakes. Weight Watcher people are you ready for the points? 2 No, not 2 points per cake. 2 points per pack of 3!!! My mom tipped me off to these and I finally found them at Publix today. I bought the yellow cake with Chocolate frosting and they have the cream inside just like the regular ones. They are yummy yummy! Quantity wise I think they are better because by eyeballing them I think the 3 together are bigger than 1 regular size Hostess cake. The points might adjust slightly with the other 2 kinds, but for the yellow cake ones they are 2 points. Not bad for a time when you have to have something sweet.


Anonymous said...

Yummmmm.....finally, you can eat the whole box and not feel too guilty! LOL But Melissia, you better not girl! You got the willpower!

Dawn said...

O - yummm-e-e-e-e-e