Been A While

Last week was a busy week for me. I had a Friday evening stamp class and a Saturday morning stamp class so I was preparing all week for those. My scrap room sure has been getting some good use lately which is great! The hubby wasn't feeling the best last week so I had to do some tending to him as well and of course the usual duties of a SAHM. Busy, busy, busy.

Cameron is on spring break this week and I making plans to do some things with her. We will be having lunch at the park with hubby this afternoon followed by a trip to Target for some new sandals for her. I need to check out what is playing at the movies because I have 2 free tickets that need to be used up. She wants to go to IHOP for breakfast this week so I think we will save that for Friday after I have weighed in at WW LOL. Speaking of which, I lost 1 pound last week. I thought I did a little better than I pound, but 1 is better than nothing. That brings me to 24 pounds gone forever (I hope). So this week my mini goal is just to lose that 1 pound that will get me a star.

Anyhoo, to show you I have been indeed busy stamping I am going to upload some of the cards we did Saturday at my technique class.


Dawn said...

If you and Cam want to meet for lunch sometime this week, give me a holler!