Swap Cards

Stampin Up! is having a regional meeting in Atlanta in March. I am so excited about going and I am bringing my good friend Dawn along as my guest. We are going to be swapping card fronts with others who attend and I plan on making at least 100 card fronts - shooting for 150 though.

Here are 2 I have made so far. I will be making 10 each of the cards I am swapping.


Dawn said...

Can I "borrow" some of your ideas? hehehehe. I am so excited. I am looking forward to going!

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those are so cute! I may have to scraplift these! HAHA Or better yet...how about I buy some samples from you to put in my card box? LOL

Wish I could go with you gals. But I think I'd rather be coming back from the beach! HAHHA

Melissia said...

Of course you can borrow my ideas!

HA! Elisabeth, as a stamper you should making your own cards. LOL
I have to agree with the beach comment too.

JennV said...

Cool and Easy at the same time! My absolute FAVORITE kind of cards to make! Now if I can just get motivated to start my Own cardfronts for Regionals! Ack! We're gonna have a Rockin' time at Regionals!!!