Stupid $%#^&!!!

I thought it was going to be great selling stuff on ebay and getting some extra dough. The ebay part has been going great so far - I sold 18 of the 20 items I listed and received more than fair price for most of the stuff. So I am going right along packaging and shipping stuff since Friday. Then the bitch at the post office this morning ruined my buzz. Someone asked if I would ship one of my items to the UK. I boxed up the item and stuck a post it note on it with the address. When I shipped some things on Friday I took the box with me and asked what the shipping charge would be. I was told air mail would be a little over $7.00. I let the potential bidder know the shipping price and she won the auction. I write on the box the address info, take it to the PO and the same lady from Friday is now telling me it is over $9.00 to ship. WTF? I said, "don't you have something for $7?" She told me to look at the prices on the screen. I told her that Friday I brought the box in and it was not that much to ship. She feeds me this crap

"The best thing to do when you bring the box in is to ship it while your here."
"I don't know what has been added to the box since Friday."
"You can send it for $4.15."

I explained to her more than once that someone bought the item I am shipping and is paying for shipping. I can not ship the box without getting the money first. That shouldn't be a hard concept to understand.

Nothing was added to the box, I brought it in just like she is seeing it only I wrote on the box. You can't tell me that some ink makes a $3.00 difference.

No, I can not ship it for $4.15 because the buyer isn't going to wait 4-6 WEEKS for it.

So I started arguing with her because I could not believe the difference in price. I asked her if the next time I bring something in to get a shipping price do I need to ask for it in writing? She said they don't do that and I said of course not because it isn't going to be the same price when you come back. Again she makes the comment about shipping when I bring the box in. WHAT ARE YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING LADY?!?!?! I know I am not the only person who gets a shipping quote on things. A couple cents difference I can understand. Not $3.00.

So now I am just pissed off at this point and she gives me this customs form to fill out. I filled out the white side, gave it back and she told me the green part had to be filled out. All I understood that I could fill out is what the item was I was shipping. I gave back and she said I had to sign and date it. Fine. While I am doing this I have my credit card on the counter and she took it and asked for my ID, ran the card and then gave it back and said I have to sign the back of my card. I wrote real fast, CHECK ID and she said it was fine to write that but it had to be signed.??? She started saying "here I will show you" and reach for something behind the counter so before she pulled something out I licked my finger, smudged the check id off and chicken scratched my name. I told her my credit card company does not require a signature and my name and signature on my ID should be enough. Grrrrrr!

That was the first of 9 packages I shipped today so I was real snotty answering all the usual questions she asked about the other packages. I just have no idea how there could be that big of a price difference and what was making me angry was the ladies attitude that obviously I altered the box because there is no way she could have made a mistake or given me the wrong information on Friday. That is the kind of attitude that makes me want to jump the counter and bitch slap someone.

Anyone have suggestions on how to avoid this shipping price problem in the future? Obviously it is not a good idea to get a shipping quote from the PO unless I send the item right then because I am not guaranteed that price when I come back 3 days later to ship it.



Dawn said...

What if you go to a UPS store or some sort - would it be much better?

I hate the PO too!

JennV said...

The Post Office does usually suck and I have yet to find folks that are very sympathetic on the other side of that counter when I bring in stuff and have to add postage inside the package before I give it to them to send. LOL! I didn't know that you had such a temper girlie! I think I like it! :o)

Anonymous said...

calm down. you are gonna give yourself a heart attack.

Melissia said...

Dawn, I think the UPS store is more $$.

LOL Jenn, I have had PO workers give me dirty looks when I bring swap stuff in and have to put postage in after they weight it. I have had some of them reweigh it like 4 paper stamps is going to change the weight enough to charge me more money. (eyeroll)