Thanks ABC!

How awesome is it that ABC puts full episodes of their television shows online for you to watch! I had been waiting weeks for a new episode of desperate housewives on Sunday night and wouldn't you know that 30 minutes before it was to come on the power goes out. ARGH! Of course it couldn't have gone out yesterday afternoon when the heavy rain came through and the tornado sirens were going off (for the second time in 3 days BTW). It always waits to go off when there is actually something on TV that you want to watch. So we were in the dark last night for about 2 hours. It was just Cam and I so we spent some of the time reading books by candlelight. Hubby was at the bowling alley where the power went out as well just as they were getting ready to bowl.

Anyhow, I missed the show, but remembered I could watch it online at the ABC website. So after having such a crummy day today (missed an appointment this morning, feeling like a cold is coming on) I sat and watched a pretty good episode. Thumbs up to ABC for putting those shows up on the web!