Helping Our Fur Friends

Cameron is getting a detailed lesson this week about why her school is asking for donations for the Montgomery Humane Society. This is where we got our kitty Oliver from so she has been to the MHS and seen all the animals that are there. Her school is taking up a collection and she wanted to know why we were buying things for the animals. I don't think she fully understands the whole story, but she understands that the animals need to be taken care of like we take care of our cat and dog and that we are helping the workers do that by buying food and doggy shampoo etc.. So we went shopping and got cat food and dog food and some rawhide bones for the dogs to chew on. We bought a pack of little toy balls for the kitties, dog shampoo, spray cleaner with bleach and paper towels. Cameron is also donating some of her soft fleece blankets that she has outgrown. I am glad she is excited about helping the animals and I think it is a great thing for the school to do.


Dawn said...

I always enjoy giving to the MHS. That is great that Cam's class did that.

Anonymous said...

They can always use the supplies!