That's the sound we have been hearing around here every 2 minutes since Cameron learned to blow bubbles with her gum yesterday. She is so proud of herself that she can do that now. My aunt taught me how to blow bubbles when I was around 2 or 3. We were taking a trip down to Tennessee and she taught me on the drive down there. I think I have a picture from that time (or my mom has it) and I have an idea for a page to do with both the pictures of us blowing our first bubbles.


Anonymous said...

What a great captured picture! (did that make sense--LOL) It's cool to learn new things as adults too. I find myself doing the new thing I've learned over and over again for a few days.

Dawn said...

That is awesome. I think I was a lot older when I learned to blow bubbles. My dad hated gum chewing so I had to learn on my own and was much older. I was outside behind the house practicing and when I finally did it there was no one around to share it with :-) I had practiced so long my lips and gums hurt-LOL