Mmmmm Wasaaaaaa

Wasa crackers are my new best friend! I had never heard of Wasa crackers until Oprah mentioned them on one of her dieting shows a couple weeks ago. I love to eat breads and crackers but you have to be careful because they can carry a lot of (WW) points. Well not these yummy little beauties. 1 point for 3 crackers. And they aren't those little nibbley club size crackers, they more like a full graham cracker size. I make a great snack with these by putting a thick slice of Healthy Choice turkey, half a piece of fat free cheese and a light spread of light mayo on top of the cracker. I can eat 2 of these for 3 points. This is the perfect snack for that nagging 3:00 hunger I get. These come in a variety of flavors with different nutrition information so be sure to watch that if you decide to pick some up. I really like the crisp'n light 7 grain. They are less expensive then some of the other flavors as well.