I Want To See A Nurse Practioner - Why Is That So Hard?

Cameron has had a cough on and off since the beginning of December. No fevers, no watery eyes, no change in habits no reason to be overly concerned. Then about a week ago her coughing went from 2 or 3 times a day to several times a day. Sunday she started sneezing and her nose wasn't runny, but stuffy and the coughing started sounding horrible. So I called a new ped's place yesterday to make an appointment because I hate Dr. Asshat that joined her regular Dr's office a couple years ago. I interviewed and chose that office before she was born because I liked the NP's she would see and it was all women. Then Dr. Boob comes along and I don't do well with male Dr.'s to start with and this one was no exception. She has only been to the Dr. for well baby check ups so I never think about changing Dr's until it's too late. The office I want to go to is not taking new kiddo's until March. Total bummer.

I called her regular office and told them specifically that I wanted to make an appointment at a time that one of the NP's could see her. Well it doesn't work that (this I already know, but gave it shot anyway). The Dr and NP's see patients as they are available and there was nothing anyone could apparently do about that, no matter how much I explained that I did not like Dr. Know It All. The receptionist (who was very understanding BTW) said the best thing to do was come in at 7:45 when they opened because Dr. No Good doesn't usually come in until after 8:30 so I would have a shot getting one of the NP's.

Fine, I get up 30 minutes before I normally have to so I can get across town by 7:45. We are 5 minutes early and the doors were still locked. When we were let in the receptionist said that I had to wait until 7:45 to sign in. Ooookay. 7:45 we sign in and they take us right back. We go through the usual round of height, weight, temp blah blah blah - they take us to the room and and another receptionist comes in to say she was the one I had talked to yesterday and that she didn't realize I had BC/BS insurance. Apparently only Dr. Squarehead sees BC/BS patients. But she said we still might get an NP since it was still early. So we wait. And we wait. And wait some more. At 20 after 8:00 I realize that we are not waiting for an NP, we are waiting for Dr. Loser to get to the office. And sure enough, in he comes. I think he noticed the unhappy look on my face and not so friendly voice. But, it turned out okay today - although I am still changing Dr.'s in March.

As for Cameron, she has a sinus infection which is draining into her throat and causing her to cough. Rx for cough and congestion, antibiotic for the infection and I will be bringing out the humidifier from the closet that we got for a baby shower gift and have never had to use. She will live (even though she acts like she is going to die when she has to take the medicine) and no worries about getting the kiddies at school sick.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww poor Cameron. Emily just got off Zpak and and De-Chlor (her RX cough med). Seemed to help her out tremendously. We also kept her out of daycare Thursday and Friday. And guess who has it now??!! That's right....ME! Hope Cameron feels better soon!

Dawn said...

sending lots of hugs to Cam to get better soon!

Sorry about Dr. Asshat!