Gold Star!

Last week I joined Weight Watchers. This is not my first time doing the program though. I first joined about 8 years ago with my boss and some co workers. I was successful the first couple of months into it, but then I got over confident thinking I could do this on my own and not have to pay 13.00 a week to step on a scale. After doing the program off and on- on my own over the past 8 years and failing miserably at it, I now realize the key for me is to go to WW and weigh in and do the meetings. There is just something about knowing that you have to step on a scale each week where you can't see the numbers, but a stranger can and then she makes a record of it. It tends to be a good motivator to stick with the plan. So I am doing the program and paying my money and will continue to do that as long as it is working for me.

Well week one is done and I lost SIX POUNDS! Wahoo!!! That means I have earned my first gold star.

Obviously you get a star for every 5 pounds you lose and they go on a little book mark. I am going to keep it on the fridge so I see it every time I am in the kitchen. I found some WW weight loss blinkies too in 5 pound increments that I will be using on the blog until I reach goal. These are great motivators for me!


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Awesome!! Keep up the great work!! You can do it girlfriend!