Where To Start

I feel like I have fallen behind with so many things lately. I have a list of things that need to be done, and things I would like to get done and I just can not find the motivation to even get started. A number of events over the past couple weeks have not helped matters.

My grandmother passed away on Oct. 25th, which is also hubby's birthday. That day was a difficult one for many reasons. One of those days that just gets worse as it goes on and I am glad to be passed it. I had to make the decision not to fly home for the funeral and it was not an easy decision to make. I had a commitment to Camerons school the same day as the funeral. It was the schools fall festival and I had put a lot of time into putting a craft booth together for it. Cameron had been looking forward to the festival for a couple weeks as well. Timing, money, commitments..... I just wasn't able to go back home at that time. So that has been hard. Not having any support or comfort here at home didn't make things any easier. I do find it comforting though that Cameron and I were able to see her on our last trip back home in August.

On a brighter note, the festival was great. I sold some of my crafts which gave my crafty confidence a boost. :o) Cameron had a lot of fun with the games and rides. 10 months ago she wouldn't go near a bounce house. That day I couldn't get her to come out of one. There were a lot of different blow up things for the kids to play on, a hayride, face painting, ferris wheel, games. Kudos to the school for doing such a great job with that!

Prior to the fall festival was the Alabama National Fair. It was the first time I had been there and the first for Cameron. The commercials had been on TV for quite a while and she was so excited about going. The cost of the fair was quite a shock for me, I must say. It had been years since I had been to a fair, and prices sure have changed. We didn't think Cameron would ride a whole lot of rides so we were just going to buy tickets for the rides. I was thinking 4 tickets for a dollar, the rides being 1 or 2 tickets so it wouldn't be real expesive. HA! It was no less than 3 tickets for the kiddie rides and the tickets were one for a dollar. $3 to go around in a circle in a plastic whale? Crazy! So we opted to spend $18.00 for the wrist band and she could ride all she wanted. $25.00 for us all to get in, the wrist band, cost of games and food - we easily spent $100.00 that night. It was a lot of fun, but I am glad it only comes around once a year.

Halloween has also come and gone. Not much to say on this subject unfortunatley. Cameron was Cindarella and had fun trick or treating. Personally I was very disappointed in our neighborhoods lack of participation in this event. I think we will be making different plans for this holiday next year.

Cameron is still doing wonderfully in dance class. I was able to snap a few pictures of her tapping, although they are not the best. I had to take them through a window that has blinds on the other side that I had to try and get my lens through.