Michaels - Grr!

Anyone who keeps up with the scrapbooking world is probably aware that none of the stores let you use their store coupons for the cricut stuff. I doubled checked the ad coupons for today and tomorrow just to make sure and they all said no. Cameron and I went out to Michael's just to look and there on the front door printed on a little sign says that the 25% and 20% coupons CAN be used on the cricut stuff as well as the turkey bucks. I seriously went back to the door 4 times and once more on my way out to read the sign because I was sure I had to be reading it wrong. So the time is around 9:30 and the 25% coupon expired at 9. The best I can do is 10.00 off which isn't bad since they are already on sale for 49.99. Yes it only a 2.50 difference if I had been able to use the 25% coupon, but still. I hate to more then I have to. I haven't decided if I will go back tomorrow and get another font or not. 40.00 down from 90.00 is a pretty damn good price.