Did You Brave The Crowds Today?

I was up and out the door at 4:35 this morning. At about 4:45 I discovered that I was going to have to be a little aggressive today. I started at Kohl's (opened at 5am, all toys 50% off). There were maybe 30 people in front of me packed inside between the 2 sets of doors and there were 3 ladies right in front of me out side the doors. Everyone outside was in line, but it was kind of loose line. The lady right in front of me decided to leave and I was standing a bit to the side and all of sudden this witch behind me steps up like she is going to get in the door before me. I couldn't believe how close she was standing behind the lady that was in front of me. If she actually had a rack on her, they would have been in the ladies back, that's how close she was. The doors opened and I felt I had no choice but to sling my hip over and stick my big ass right in front of her. The only thing I was really hoping to get was the Dora Explorer cash register, which they had displayed on the front page of their ad. They had 2 of them and wouldn't ya know 2 ladies beat me to them. I couldn't believe they only had 2. That is so wrong. I searched the store since they had toys all over the place, but no luck. I didn't see anything else that was worth standing in line for.

Target is right next door (open at 6am, easy bake oven 13.00, vsmile games 15.00, Dora register 28.00). At 5:30 the line was along the front and all the way down the side of the building. I debated for a minute if it was worth standing in line. I figured that was what I got up to do so off in line I went. I am guessing there were at least 120 people in front of me. I couldn't believe how much longer the line got though. There had to be at least 200 people in line after me. They let us in (not a second before 6), I grabbed a cart and sprinted for the toys. To my surprise they toy section was pretty quiet. Everyone went to electronics. I quickly walked the aisle to get what was on my list (I got everything) and then took my time going back through to see if anything else caught my eye. By that time the toy section was full. People were waiting to go down like the main aisles and turning into the toy aisle. We were all waiting patiently to move and stay to the side so people going the other way could get through. People with out carts started squeezing along side of me. Now if they were trying to get to an aisle I was blocking then fine, but these people were pushing through to get where everyone else was going which was causing us in line to have to wait longer to move. After about the 6th person who did that I decided that was enough and I turned the front of my cart a little so it was on an angle against the end cap. That stopped people, once they pushed a little on my cart to squeeze through and realized I wasn't going to move it.

Same thing was happening while I was trying to get out of the toy section and up to check out. There were slats on the end caps with toys stacked on them so it made the main aisle between toys and electronics kind of tight. I move along with traffic and everyone was being courteous and letting people come and go. And then here comes Ms. High heel boots (who the hell wears that on black Friday?) trying to pass me on the right (she didn't have a cart). I stayed right with the person in front of me and would you believe Ms. Heels actually tried to get in front of me? We had come to one of the slats of toys on the end and she was trying to get between my cart and that and I just kept moving with the traffic. Have you ever paid attention to the shape of a shopping cart? It's narrow in the front and wide at the handle. So when she made a move to get through and I moved forward, she got squished between my cart and the mountain of board games. She didn't try to pass me again. WTH people? Do you think we are all just standing there for our health, or because we want to be in every ones way? We are trying to move just like you are.

Anyhow, off to AC Moore where I got a toy for my nephew that I am excited about. I hope he will like. It's a K'nex set that is 79.99 on sale for 29.99. Is that not crazy? I didn't even go in there wanting anything specific. I just happened to go down the toy aisle and saw them. I got Cameron some Lincoln Logs there too that were on sale.

I got back home a little after 8:00 and found Cameron and Travis up so I went back out and got some breakfast for us.

I headed out 2 more times after that and I am heading out one more time today. Stay tuned for my chasing deer story and my gripe about Micheals.